Delta Genesis Adhd Help For Kids

Primitive Reflexes

Even though the symptoms of these reflexes don’t seem like a big deal, don’t forget that the brain develops in LAYERS. Retained primitive reflexes do cause symptoms on their own, but they also disrupt all of the following layers of brain development, like sensory, motor, visual, cognitive, and executive functions!

Grasp Reflex

Causes writers’ cramp, messy handwriting, and sometimes a weird grip on pen/pencil and a hatred of writing.

Rooting Reflex

Causes people to chew on things (fingernails, shirt collars, pens, etc.) and sometimes be messy eaters.

Spinal Galant Reflex

Causes tactile (touch) sensitivity (tags, jeans, shoes, etc.) and sometimes bedwetting and fidgeting.

Assymetrical Tonic Neck Reflex

Causes poor posture, fidgeting, and sometimes difficulty paying attention.

Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex

Causes poor posture, hunched position when working, and sometimes poor core strength

Moro Reflex

Causes sensitivity to loud/sudden noises (blenders, public toilets, etc.) emotional reactivity, and anxiety

Landau Reflex

Causes fidgeting with lower body (bouncing one leg, preferring to stand/walk around rather than sit)

Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex

Causes seeking or avoiding motion (spinning in office chairs, constantly moving, or gets motion sick) and sometimes toe-walking.