Delta Genesis Adhd Help For Kids

Neurodevelopmental Disorders don't have to last forever


Join the thousands of families across the world helping their kids overcome ADHD, Autism, SPD, behavior, and learning difficulties.

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Helping Kids & Adults with ADHD, Focus, Anxiety, and More.

Delta Genesis is a non-medical program for people with ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Learning Disabilities, and other neuro-developmental disorders. We use the principles of functional neurology to understand which areas of the adult or child brain are not functioning properly, and then develop a customized program to strengthen and restore those networks in the brain.

We can help with Focus, Behavior, Sensory Sensitivities, Anxiety, Emotional Regulation, Depression, Tics, Reading & Math, Social Skills, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, SPD, ODD, OCD, Bedwetting, Handwriting, Chewing on stuff, Fidgeting, Dyslexia, and more.

Get started on your medication-free program:

1. Schedule a Consultation

First, let’s make sure that you qualify for our programs. Our consultations are totally free, and we’ll find a time that works best for your schedule

2. Test The Brain

Our assessments are necessary, so that we can create their Customized Program.

3. Begin Your Customized Program

We’re your team and we will be here to support you through the entire process.

I feel like I’ve unlocked the very best version of my child. Delta Genesis has helped me fix his problem at its core, not just putting a band-aid on it. He’s regulating his emotions, reading for the first time ever, and has an eagerness to learn that I never knew existed for him. Thank you Delta Genesis! I’m a believer!

— Anonymous client (that we're so proud of!)