Delta Genesis Adhd Help For Kids

3 Months of Full Virtual Support with a Coach




The ultimate accountability hack: having one of our coaches harass you constantly to make sure that you’re doing the program with your kiddo each and every day.

We’ll be texting you, checking in on you, holding you accountable, helping you track your progress, and answering your questions for the entire 3 months you do one of our mini-programs.

How it works:

One of our world-class coaches will be assigned to you. They’ll text you to introduce themselves and have you download a (totally free) video messaging app called Marco Polo. It’s the best way for you to send videos of your kiddo trying out certain exercises to make sure you’re doing them as well as possible. It’s also a great tool for us to use to answer your questions that have lengthier answers. All communication will be 100% confidential between you and your coach.

They’ll be texting and sending you Marco Polos multiple times per week to make sure your questions are answered, you’re feeling confident, and, most importantly, you’re getting exercises done with your child as often as possible. They’ll help you problem-solve, stay positive, and make this as easy as possible.

You can text or Marco Polo your coach any time you have a question, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they possibly can within reasonable hours.

This option is ideal for any families that already know they have struggles with consistency or if you’re someone that likes to ask a lot of questions! This is our absolute favorite way to support our clients and we would love to share this journey with you for 3 months!


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