Watch this short (we promise – it’s actually short!) video to learn a bit about what we do & how it works, then, if you’re interested in learning more, follow the easy instructions below!

Follow these three easy steps, and Jess (who dropped off the card and made that video above!) will get in touch with you ASAP.

1) Open up a new text on your phone to (314) 632-6286

2) Copy the text below and paste it into your new text to (314) 632-6286

Hey Jess! I’m Dr. [your name]. I watched your video and I’m interested in learning more. I’m free to meet and learn more about how we can work together at [time/date #1 that works for you] or [time/date #2 that works for you]. Which works best for you?

3) I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can and we’ll get you on the calendar for that short, 20 minute presentation. From there you can decide how you’d like to proceed!

(If you’re not interested in meeting with us, that’s perfectly fine! We’d appreciate you letting us know that, too. Just text us “Hey Jess! I’m Dr. [your name] and I’m not interested in partnering with you for now.” Just so we know who’s doing what! We appreciate it!)

Easy peasy, right? Talk to you soon!