Delta Genesis Adhd Help For Kids

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Complete all 3 test sections with your child so we can customize your System. Once you’ve completed the tests, use the scheduler below to book your Test Results Review with your Director!

Primitive Reflex Tests

Primitive reflexes are automatic responses that are measured in terms of timing, strength, and symmetry and indicate how the signals are sent from the brain to the spinal cord and outward to individual muscles of the face, neck, torso, and extremities that are involved in postural control and movement.

Sensory Motor Tests

A sensory motor examination consists of multiple measurements of the ocular alignment positions and may include tests of fusion and binocular (3D) vision. A sensory motor evaluation detects, assesses, monitors, and/or manages many conditions including esotropia, exotropia, and hypertropia.

Visual Tests

Difficulty in reading / lack of attention in the classroom are often due to students not being able to see or need reading glasses. But learning and visual processing are more than what is visible. Our Visual tests are important in identifying what isn’t as obvious to diagnose as in a low vision examination for glasses. 

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